PrEP demonstration projects here and there

I just ran across this update from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation about a nascent PrEP Demonstration Project. Not much to tell—basically just “we’re working on it and we’ve got no money and we’re already quite busy”—but I couldn’t help raising an eyebrow at some of the language:

“We want to make PrEP available via sexual health doctors for those men who don’t wear condoms and put themselves and others at risk.”

Which echoes an earlier NZAF statement in response to the most recent WHO recommendations which noted that PrEP “has been shown to work for highly motivated individuals who resist other forms of safe sex.”

I wish them luck finding sponsors for the project, and I sincerely hope folks actually participating in this project will find the experience to be a little less, um, judgey in tone.

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Ireland’s first National Sexual Health Strategy released (at last!)

As you might have heard, Ireland’s Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar, formally launched the nation’s first-ever National Sexual Health Strategy yesterday.

Although Ireland has a history of creating plans, strategies and frameworks that never amount to much, there is a lot to be hopeful about with this one. It seems unlikely that some of the more optimistic and nebulous goals of the Strategy (e.g. “the development of a culture of support, encompassing education in and outside of the school, education in the home and among sexual health practitioners”) will be realized any time soon, but an 18-point Action Plan for this year and the next sets out realistic targets which, if accomplished, could do quite a lot of good.

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