Sex, drugs & sanctimony (part 1)

The next couple of posts are responses to articles that were published in October. Although they’re not as timely as they would have been if I’d posted them sooner, they reflect my attempts to think through both the phenomena the articles address and the ways those phenomena are discussed in the media.

Some of my ideas are rough, probably not as well articulated as they could be, and I reserve the right to change my mind completely about things in the future, but I’m putting them out there anyway.

After the posts about these two specific articles, I’ll share some other articles on the topic that I think are worth looking at. So, without further ado…

The use of drugs in the gay community, especially their use during sex, is a fraught and often volatile topic. Two recent articles offer perspectives about current trends in the US and the UK.

The first, from Charles Kaiser writing in the new LA-based LGBT publication The Pride, offers a vitriolic indictment of the widespread use of crystal meth in the US gay community. The second, from Matt Cain writing in the UK Independent, is a sympathetic, if somewhat presumptuous, attempt to explain the “chemsex” phenomenon among gay men in London.

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