“You’re not from around here, are you?”

Look, I complain a lot. I know it. Ask my friends, they’ll tell you. Walk with me through my neighbourhood in North Dublin and I’ll point out how badly designed Dublin’s pedestrian infrastructure is, how ridiculous it is that so many buildings sit empty and derelict when there’s a housing shortage, how tough and scary biking around this town can be, how terrible the restaurants and shops around here are…

This blog is a place to relieve the pressure on my friends. A place to share those complaints more widely.

And, yes, these are complaints, not just moaning. I complain because I think things can be better, that we can change things, find ways to improve what’s not working well. To do that though, we need to talk about what’s wrong and how we’d like thing to be. Things are always in flux, never stable, let’s try to make them change in ways that we want.

Chancerville is about the place we live. It’s about pointing out what’s wrong and who’s responsible. Responsible for what’s gone wrong, responsible for fixing things. It’s about not letting people slide because that’s just how things work here. It’s about accountability.

And hey, I’ve only lived here since 2008, there’s a lot I still don’t understand. Tell me when I’m wrong, tell me what I’m missing. I’m interested in hearing other perspectives and learning.

I’m a real person, I live here, I’m paying attention.